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April 13, 2016
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GSA members provide early exposure to research in the St. Louis community
The Advocating Translational Genetics/Genomics Conference in St. Louis held at Harris Stowe State University was one of the first Trainee Organized Symposia. The organizers, Joseph Bradley, Davinelle Daniels, and Chelsea Pretz introduced young, underrepresented groups to genetics scholars stating, “We choseā€¦a historically black university because these institutions are crucial to diversity in the science community.”
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New Faculty Profile
Jennifer Garrison is an assistant professor at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging where her research group uses C. elegans to study neural circuits.
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2016 GSA Award Nominations
Honor your outstanding colleagues by nominating them for a 2016 GSA award. Remember, individuals can't be chosen to receive an award unless they are nominated! Help us cultivate a strong and diverse pool of applicants for the following awards:

Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal for lifetime contributions to the field
Genetics Society of America Medal for recent contributions to the field
George W. Beadle Award for contributions to the community of genetics researchers
Elizabeth W. Jones Award for Excellence in Education for impact on genetics education
Edward Novitski Prize for extraordinary creativity and intellectual ingenuity in research
Show your #IAmGSA Support
Richard Meisel at University of Houston
In preparation for DNA day on April 25th we asked you to share your genetics outreach with #IAmGSA. Here's one of our favorite submissions from Richard Meisel at University of Houston featuring middle school teachers learning insecticide resistance in house flies. You can also use the #IAmGSA hashtag on social media sites to share news about members, outreach, and research breakthroughs with the GSA community
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GSA Journals
In the latest issue of GENETICS, Chanderbali et al. discuss advances in understanding the early events of floral evolution and the need to develop a broader range of genetic model plants.
Evolving Ideas on the Origin and Evolution of Flowers: New Perspectives in the Genomic Era
Andre S. Chanderbali, Brent A. Berger, Dianella G. Howarth, Pamela S. Soltis, Douglas E. Soltis
GENETICS, April 2016 202:1255-1265
In the latest issue of G3, Markert et al., describe the development of efficient TALENs and CRISPR strategies for monarchs, enabling heritable genome targeted mutagenesis with limited injection and screening efforts.
Genomic Access to Monarch Migration Using TALEN and CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Targeted Mutagenesis
Matthew J. Markert, Ying Zhang, Metewo S. Enuameh, Steven M. Reppert, Scot A. Wolfe and Christine Merlin
G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics, March 2016 6: 695-708
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Smoke and MIRAs by Sue Jinks-Robertson
The prospect of funding stability, flexibility to pursue new research directions, and less time spent writing grant proposals was very appealing, even with the likelihood that “in general, the amount of a MIRA award will be somewhat less than the sum of all recent NIGMS support.” I should have remembered the old adage, “if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.”
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Wine yeast genomes lack diversity by Cristy Gelling
Sequencing the genomes of hundreds of strains of the wine yeast S. cerevisiae has revealed little genetic diversity and high levels of inbreeding. In many cases, yeast strains sold by different companies were almost genetically identical. The results, published in the April issue of G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics, suggest that winemakers attempting to develop improved wine yeasts will need to look to creating hybrids with more exotic strains.
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Eight reasons you should get and use an ORCID iD by Mark Johnston
You may have seen that recently several publishers signed an open letter committing to requiring ORCID iDs for at least the corresponding authors of accepted papers. Perhaps you've submitted a grant application to one of the funders now requiring ORCID iDs for grantees. Here are what we believe are some of the most compelling reasons to get and, most importantly, use an ORCID iD.
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Members in the News
Nina Fedoroff and former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture John Block connect the history of genetically modified mosquitoes and what that means for the Zika virus.
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Job Dekker talks DNA origami and how it influences our health with Carl Zimmer on this episode of Science Happens.
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Michael Hendricks is one of many Canadian early-career scientists concerned about the future of research support.
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Education and Professional Development
Join us at the USA Science and Engineering Festival and vote for your favorite model organism at our “America's Next Top Model Organism” exhibit! The Festival takes place April 16 and 17 in Washington, DC.
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Teaching genetics? The Genetics Education Resource Room offers instructional videos, animations, problem sets, PowerPoint slides, and readings covering a variety of genetics concepts. Submit your online resource suggestions and help us expand the site.
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This summer, 200 science museums and other sites across the U.S. will conduct hands-on activities and forum conversations to engage the public with synthetic biology through the Building with Biology project. If you're a student or practicing scientist in synthetic biology or a related field, sign up today.
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Looking for a job, or have one to offer? provides free job listings across the breadth of genetics—from academic, government, and industry positions to postdoctoral opportunities and much more.
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Funding, Fellowships, and Awards
NIH's Office of Research Infrastructure Programs (ORIP) issued a program announcement for the Development of Animal Models and Related Biological Materials for Research. This opportunity "encourages highly innovative research to develop, characterize or improve animal models and related biological materials for human health and disease or to improve diagnosis and control of diseases that might interfere with animal use for biomedical research."
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The Senate HELP Committee has advanced several biomedical innovation bills, but the thorny issue of NIH funding is still in discussion.
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NSF's Division of Biological Infrastructure has put two funding programs on hiatus, including those which support stock centers and instrument development.
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News Around the Web
NIGMS Scientific Review Officer Peggy Weidman provides five reasons why you should submit a cover letter with your grant proposal. Read More
This mobile genetics lab teaches high school students about DNA and GMOs to celebrate DNA day. Read More
Aspergillus nidulans will be making its way to the International Space Station as part of a research project on drug development. Read More
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