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December 7, 2016
TAGC presentations & meeting report now online!
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GSA Meetings
Did you miss the Annual Drosophila Research Conference abstract deadline? Late abstracts will be accepted until January 23, 2017.
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Drosophila 2017
DEADLINE TOMORROW: The 29th Fungal Genetics Conference abstract, registration, and housing deadlines are Thursday, December 8, 2016.
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Fungal 2017
Students and Postdocs
Amplify the voices of students and postdocs in the GSA! Apply now to serve on a new committee for early career scientists. Deadline: December 19, 2016.
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Confusion abounds as postdocs and institutions across the US grapple with the implications of a last-minute injunction against planned changes to federal labor laws. The updated law would have guaranteed postdocs either a pay rise or overtime pay after December 1, but those plans are now on hold at some institutions.
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Despite the injunction, NIH is continuing with its plans to increase NRSA postdoctoral stipends.
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Applications are now open for the L'Oréal USA For Women in Science postdoctoral fellowships.
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US citizens with a recent graduate degree: Applications are open for the Presidential Management fellows program, which provides two years' of training and development working at a federal agency.
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GSA Journals
We are excited to welcome our new GENETICS and G3 editors!
  • GENETICS and G3 Series Editor: Lauren McIntyre
  • GENETICS Associate Editors: Anne Britt, Elizabeth Hauser, Jennifer Surtees, Paul Scheet, Mikko J. Sillanpää, Mario Calus, Katie Peichel
  • G3 Associate Editors: Michael J. Axtell, Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena, Shavannor M. Smith, Joshua Udall
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The correct wiring of neuronal circuits depends on outgrowth and guidance of neuronal processes during development. The small number of neurons and highly stereotyped axonal architecture of the C. elegans nervous system allow analysis of axon guidance at the level of single identified axons and permit in vivo tests of prevailing models of this process. C. elegans axons also have a robust capacity to regenerate after precise laser injury. Learn more in a WormBook review article in the latest issue of GENETICS.
The Genetics of Axon Guidance and Axon Regeneration in Caenorhabditis elegans
Andrew D. Chisholm, Harald Hutter, Yishi Jin, and William G. Wadsworth
GENETICS November 2016 204: 849-882
The common bed bug is re-emerging as an economic and public health pest, largely driven by increasing insecticide resistance. In the latest issue of G3, Fountain et al. map pyrethroid resistance in bed bugs, identifying a new associated QTL. This QTL strongly implies a functional role for a carboxylesterase gene in conferring pyrethroid resistance.
A Linkage Map and QTL Analysis for Pyrethroid Resistance in the Bed Bug Cimex lectularius
Toby Fountain, Mark Ravinet, Richard Naylor, Klaus Reinhardt, and Roger K. Butlin
G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics December 2016 6: 4059
G3 Cover
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Did you know they rewrote the game?
GSA President Stan Fields discusses the value of chatting to older scientists.
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Stan Fields December Cartoon
Sex chromosome turnover in frogs hints at evolutionary patterns
New sex chromosomes have evolved rapidly in Xenopus species.
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Xenopus Photo
GSA-Art: Shruthi Vembar
Shruthi Vembar creates Madubhani paintings, a centuries-old Northern Indian art tradition practiced by women.
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GSA-Art: Shruthi Vembar
Members in the News
Congratulations to GSA member Yoshinori Ohsumi on winning a Breakthrough Prize, including $3 million, for elucidating the mechanisms of autophagy. The 2016 Nobelist has had a good year!
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Congratulations also to G3 Senior Editor Susan Forsburg, who has been honored with a Nature Award for Mentoring in Science.
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A new Primer in the latest issue of GENETICS illuminates both DNA repair and the power of CRISPR technology.
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C. elegans Image
In CBE Life Sciences Education, Prevost et al. used lexical analysis and human scoring of student writing to explore student ideas about the role of stop codons in the central dogma. Ideas about one process can affect their understanding of subsequent and previous processes, leading to mixed conceptual models of the central dogma.
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LSE December Cover
The 21st Century Cures bill has passed its last hurdles and will soon be law. The Cures Act will include $4.8 billion for the NIH over 10 years to fund the cancer moonshot, BRAIN Initiative, and Precision Medicine Initiative. Stat News outlines the groups who benefit—and those who don’t—from the sweeping new legislation.
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Rep. Andy Harris (R–MD) has thrown his hat in the ring to be Director of the NIH.
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Meanwhile, key congressional Republicans have urged President-elect Trump to keep Francis Collins as NIH Director.
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The GSA's recent statement on diversity is mentioned in this Washington Post report on the scientific community's response to the US election results.
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UK moves closer to allowing ‘three-parent’ babies
The Pangenome: Are Single Reference Genomes Dead?
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