#DROS18 abstracts due next week!
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November 8, 2017
News for members of
the genetics community
59th Annual Drosophila Research Conference New Faculty Forum at #DROS18!
Revamped one-day workshop for new faculty and advanced postdocs

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Society News
Scholarly publishers join forces to launch Scientific Society Publisher Alliance (SSPA)
A group of not-for-profit scientific membership societies, including GSA, this week announced the launch of the Scientific Society Publisher Alliance (SSPA), an initiative to build awareness of society journals.
» byscientistsforscience.org
Part-time science writing internship
Graduate students and other researchers interested in science writing: apply for a part-time opportunity with the GSA. Applicants must reside in Maryland, Virginia, Mississippi, or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Applications are due November 22.
» faseb.org
GSA Meetings
#DROS18 abstracts due next week!
Don’t miss your chance to reach the fly community at the Annual Drosophila Research Conference in Philadelphia next year. Abstracts are due November 16.
» conferences.genetics-gsa.org
Population, Evolutionary, and Quantitative Genetics Conference
Broaden your horizons at #PEQG18, a cross-disciplinary conference to be held May 13–16, 2018 in Madison, Wisconsin. Visit the new conference website to learn more about the agenda, invited speakers, special events, and the James F. Crow Early Career Research Award.
» conferences.genetics-gsa.org
Invite poster viewers at the Annual Drosophila Research Conference
Student and postdoc members attending #DROS18: A new member benefit allows you to amplify your work and seek expert feedback by inviting specific scientists to attend your poster presentation.
» conferences.genetics-gsa.org
Genetic ancestry in Colombia
People from Chocó often proudly identify as Afro-Colombian, while those from the nearby city of Medellín largely identify with their European ancestry. Despite the differences between these groups, research by Conley et al. highlights a subtle underlying unity.
» genestogenomes.org
Transcription may be mutagenic in germline but not somatic tissues
Chen et al. predict gene mutation rates in different tissues and find that high expression increases mutation rates in the germline, but not in somatic tissue.
» genestogenomes.org
GENETICS journal cover
WormBook: Cell Biology of the Mitochondrion
Will Big Data Close the Missing Heritability Gap?
G3 journal Cover
New in G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics
The Effect of Common Inversion Polymorphisms In(2L)t and In(3R)Mo on Patterns of Transcriptional Variation in Drosophila melanogaster
Highly Efficient, Rapid and Co-CRISPR-Independent Genome Editing in Caenorhabditis elegans
Students and Postdocs
Apply for the Early Career Scientist Leadership Program now!
Applications for GSA’s ECS Leadership Program are due November 30. The program provides rich opportunities for you to develop skills, gain leadership experience, network, and produce concrete deliverables that demonstrate your abilities.
» genetics-gsa.org
Nadine Piekarski on leveraging her skills as an evo-devo salamander embryologist for a career in an IVF clinic
In the latest “Decoding Life” interview, an embryologist at a fertility center describes her experience leaving academia and how she uses skills from her PhD training in an IVF clinic.
» genestogenomes.org
Early Career Scientist Leadership Spotlight — Lucy Xie
Lucy Xie is Co-Chair of the Early Career Scientist Diversity Subcommittee. She uses baker’s yeast and African turquoise killifish to study partial penetrance in neurodegenerative disease and hopes to help young scientists reach their potential.
» genestogenomes.org
Early career leader updates
More updates from GSA’s Early Career Leaders: Emily Lescak, Policy Subcommittee, will be leading a workshop at “Expanding Leadership roles for Early Career Researchers”, a symposium organized by Future of Research. Both Elaine Welch, Career Development Subcommittee, and Zach Farrow, Diversity Subcommittee Co-Chair, have transitioned into industry positions. Welch is working as a human molecular geneticist at PreventionGenetics and Farrow provides technical support at Novogene.
Faculty, Educators, & Mentors
Ethical and Inspiring Mentorship in STEM
Mentoring younger scientists is an important role that researchers are rarely trained for. With funding in part from the GSA Career Development Symposia Program, the “Ethical and Inspiring Mentorship in STEM” conference addressed issues in mentorship and discussed how current practices could be improved.
» genestogenomes.org
Nominate geneticists for the Gruber Prize
The Gruber Foundation invites nominations for the 2018 Gruber Genetics Prize. The prize, which is accompanied by a $500,000 unrestricted monetary award, is designed both to recognize groundbreaking work and to inspire additional efforts that effect fundamental shifts in knowledge and culture. Nominations are due December 15.
» gruber.yale.edu
PhD student tax benefits at risk
A US federal tax overhaul proposed by House Republicans would impose extra taxable income on research grad students whose tuition costs are waived by their institutions.
» vox.com
Community Announcements
In memory of Mel Green
The genetics community lost one of “the great ones” earlier this week, when Mel Green passed away at the age of 101. Professor Green was a founding member of the genetics faculty at UC Davis and made critical contributions to our understanding of intragenic recombination (both equal and unequal) and transposable elements. His superb contributions to science won him numerous honors, most notably election to the National Academy of Sciences. Mel delighted in practicing the craft of “fly crossing” and worked at the bench well into his 90s. He was an inspiration to his colleagues and especially to the many graduate and undergraduate researchers at UC Davis who were lucky enough to share his fly room. Contributed by Scott Hawley and Ken Burtis.
Hurricane relief for scientists
Ciencia Puerto Rico and the American Society for Cell Biology have teamed up to help coordinate offers of aid to scientists and students whose work has been impacted by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and other areas of the Caribbean. Disaster relief grants are available from the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology to aid students and scientists affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Temporary laboratory space and housing is available at the Marine Biological Laboratory for scientists affected by the infrastructure damage in Puerto Rico. The American Physiological Society has established a hurricane relief fund to support researchers impacted by the hurricane season.
GeneticsCareers.org is free to use for both jobseekers and employers. A simple registration process provides access to a broad range of job listings in academia, government, and industry, as well as postdoctoral opportunities and more.
Mountain State Regional Genetics Network Project Manager
Mountain States Genetics, Texas Health Institute

Postdoc: Cell Biological Basis of Intra-genomic Conflict
University of Pennsylvania

Director, National Human Genome Center
Howard University College of Medicine

Postdoc: Genomics or computational biology
Karolinska Institutet – SciLifeLab

Project Manager II
Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard

Biology - Tenure Track Position
Sarah Lawrence College

Chair, Department of Biological Sciences
University of Delaware
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