#PEQG18 workshops and special events announced.
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May 9, 2018
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Dros18 GSA Poster Award Winners Congratulations #Dros18 GSA Poster Award Winners!

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#Yeast18 abstracts due next week
Abstracts for the 2018 Yeast Genetics Meeting are due by May 17. The meeting will be held in Stanford, CA, August 22–26.
» conferences.genetics-gsa.org
Don’t forget to download the #PEQG18 mobile app
Use the Population, Evolutionary, and Quantitative Genetics Conference app to browse the entire program, read and bookmark abstracts, filter by topics, keywords, and time, or search for specific sessions or presenters. Once you log in, you can save your personal itinerary.
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#PEQG18 special events and workshops announced
Check out all of the special events and lunch workshops for the Population, Evolutionary, and Quantitative Genetics Conference next week! There are events on women in science, education, publishing, outreach, paper discussions, plus the first ever PEQG Science Slam! And there’s still time to sign up for the GENETICS Peer Review Workshop and the New Faculty Forum. We’ll see you in Madison!
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#Dros18 videos online
You can now watch select plenary presentations from this year’s Annual Drosophila Research Conference on the GSA YouTube channel:
      •   Terry Orr-Weaver, Research taking flight from foundational biology
      •   Yashi Ahmed, The Guts of Wnt Signal Transduction
      •   Michael O’Connor, Non-conventional autophagy in the prothoracic gland mediates a larval nutritional checkpoint through alteration of cholesterol trafficking
      •   Lucy Liu (Sandler Memorial Lecture), The roles and origins of lipid droplet accumulation in neurodegeneration
      •   Julien Royet, Effects of the gut microbiota on host behavior and homeostasis
      •   Amir Yassin, The genomic basis of adaptation in Drosophila: sex, poison and other dramas
      •   Daniela Zarnescu, Lost in translation – RNA processing defects impact synaptic metabolism in neurodegeneration
» youtube.com
New wheat variety makes lofty loaves
A point mutation in wheat boosts bread volume substantially.
» genestogenomes.org
Alternative splicing tunes sex differences in flies
The Y chromosome has an unanticipated role in sex-biased intron retention in drosophila.
» genestogenomes.org
Trouble accessing your GENETICS subscription?
All GSA members receive a subscription to GENETICS, but you must first activate the subscription. Visit the link below and enter the customer number (GSA membership ID) that is listed in your membership confirmation e-mail.
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GENETICS journal cover
FlyBook: Phylogeny of the Genus Drosophila
Impulsive Choice in Mice Lacking Paternal Expression of Grb10 Suggests Intragenomic Conflict in Behavior
G3 journal Cover
New in G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics
Inducible Genome Editing with Conditional CRISPR/Cas9 Mice
Rapid Multiplex Small DNA Sequencing on the MinION Nanopore Sequencing Platform
Students and Postdocs
BeyondDC: exploring the spectrum of science policy careers
Students and postdocs in the New York City area: register for a one-day event exploring the numerous career opportunities in science policy and advocacy that exist outside of Washington, DC. This event is supported by the GSA Career Development Symposia program.
» splashthat.com
Early Career Leadership Spotlight — Ruchi Jhonsa
Career Development Subcommittee member Ruchi Jhonsa uses Drosophila photoreceptors as a model to understand polarity maintenance. She would like to develop a virtual community platform that allows undergrad and grad students to interact with professionals in their chosen field.
» genestogenomes.org
Early Career Leadership Spotlight — Lindsay Holden
Early Career Scientist Steering Committee member Lindsay Holden is a SMART scholar who will apply her zebrafish genomics and toxicology graduate training in a position at the US Army Public Health Center. Her goal on the Committee is to provide resources and tools that support grad students, postdocs, and early career professionals at the start of their careers.
» genestogenomes.org
Congressional briefings on the intersection of genetics and race
The Personal Genome Education Project (PGEd) will be holding a pair of briefings on Capitol Hill titled “The Common Thread: What genetics tells us about ancestry, health, and personal identity”. Scientists will address issues in genetics and DNA testing as they relate to ethnicity and race, as well as misconceptions of genetic determinism, the profound impact of the environment, the history of eugenics, and the role of public awareness and dialog in the coming era of personal genetics and gene editing. Both briefings are open to the public.
» pged.org
State and District Factsheets Highlighting US Federal Investment in Research
To help you communicate the importance of federal research funding in your community, GSA partner organization FASEB has updated and redesigned its state, district, and NIH factsheet series documenting federal research investments in FY 2017.
» washingtonupdate.faseb.org
Members in the News
National Academy of Sciences members announced
Congratulations to GSA members newly elected to the National Academy of Sciences, including Utpal Banerjee (University of California, Los Angeles), Michael Gottesman (National Institutes of Health), Haifan Lin (Yale University), and Sarah Elgin (Washington University), who is also a former member of the GSA Board of Directors and recipient of the 2009 Elizabeth W. Jones Award for Excellence in Education.
» nasonline.org
Allan Spradling receives 2018 March of Dimes prize
Congratulations to GSA member and former President of the GSA Board of Directors Allan Spradling (Carnegie Institution for Science), who has been awarded the 2018 March of Dimes and Richard B. Johnston, Jr. MD Prize in Developmental Biology.
» marchofdimes.org
GeneticsCareers.org is free to use for both jobseekers and employers. A simple registration process provides access to a broad range of job listings in academia, government, and industry, as well as postdoctoral opportunities and more.
Research Assistant I/II/III
Marine Biological Laboratory

Postdocs: Developmental and Evolutionary Genetics
University of California Davis

Regional Marketing Manager- Assay Technologies

Visiting Faculty Position in Biology - Pomona College
Pomona College

Scientist, Sequencing R&D
23andMe, Inc.

Research & Science Population Geneticist - Ancestry Research
23andMe, Inc.

Deputy Head - Biochemical Genetics
Victorian Clinical Genetics Services, Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Postdoc: population genetics
Bradburd Lab
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