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February 29, 2012   

Today is the last day to register online for the 53rd Annual Drosophila Research Conference, March 7-11, 2012, in Chicago, IL.  After today registration will be accepted on-site only at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers.  There are a few rooms left under the GSA hotel block at the Sheraton. Check availability if you still need a room.

Registration for the 10th International Zebrafish Genetics and Development Meeting, June 20-24, 2012 in Madison, WI, is now open!

  • Deadline for T-shirt designs: today, February 29.  Don't miss this chance to show your artistic side!  Or tap your creative colleagues to submit!
  • Deadline for workshop proposals:  tomorrow, March 1.  Take advantage of this opportunity to organize a session to discuss strategy, plan resources, exchange methodology, or other topics of interest to the Zebrafish community.

Hotel and housing reminder: meeting attendees must make their reservations directly with the housing option of their choice. For those needing a roommate, you can post a message on the Roommate Bulletin Board. The meeting organizers will not be handling housing for the 2012 meeting.

The abstract submission and registration websites are now open for the GSA Model Organisms to Human Genetics – Cancer Genetics meeting, June 17-20, 2012 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC. This meeting promises to be an exciting forum where basic research scientists studying cancer relevant biology in model organisms can connect with investigators studying human cancer.  Presentations by the directors of National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) and National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) at the National Institutes of Health are planned along with keynote talks by Bert Vogelstein, Eric S. Lander and Angelika Amon.  Don’t miss this opportunity!

Attention GSA Undergraduates!  The GSA Undergraduate Travel Award website is now open and accepting applications for GSA meetings held between June 1 and November 30, 2012.  The submissions are now being handled via an online webformcheck it out!  The deadline for submissions is March 30, 2012.


The Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation, a federal government agency, is now accepting nominations for four Agriscience Awards (Deadline: March 13, 2012) and four Life Sciences Awards (Deadline: March 27, 2012) to be presented in July 2012 in Washington, DC. Both the agriscience and life sciences awards provide researcher awards of $10,000, high school educator awards of $5,000, and two high school student awards of $1,000.  Nominations are online only

The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) is seeking submissions of captivating, high resolution images that represent the cutting edge of 21st century biomedical research. These images are an important, yet underutilized resource in the community’s effort to engage and educate the general public and policy makers about biomedical research.  Winning images will be featured on the FASEB and National Institutes of Health websites and displayed before members of Congress at FASEB’s centennial celebration this year Submission deadline: March 25, 2012


Attending a conference for the first time?  GSA offers advice for things you should do BEFORE the meeting, DURING the meeting, and AFTER you return home…check it out and get the most out of your conference experience!

Attention introductory biology laboratory instructors: The NSF-funded Research Coordination Network in Undergraduate Biology Education on Research Experiences in Introductory Laboratories (REIL) is conducting a national survey to assess the current state of authentic research experiences in introductory biology laboratory courses.  The survey asks about essential components of and barriers to the implementation of authentic research experiences; it is anonymous and should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.  If you have questions about this survey, please contact REIL Biology.  


The Advisory Committee to the NIH Director Working Group on Data and Informatics has issued a request for information (RFI) on the management, integration, and analysis of large biomedical datasets. Deadline for response:  March 12, 2012.

Members in the News

The GSA recently learned that long-time member Arthur Chovnick, emeritus professor of molecular and cell biology, University of Connecticut, passed away on September 5, 2011 after a long illness.  Chovnick, a pioneer of modern Drosophila genetics, was known for his “breakthrough methods for approaching analysis of recombination and gene organization.”

Fiction imitated research for GSA member Amar J. S. Klar (National Cancer Institute/National Institutes of Health). Recently he was notified by fellow yeast researcher and GSA member and GENETICS senior editor Mark Rose (Princeton) that a scene from a novel, “The Marriage Plot” by Jeffrey Eugenides included a description of yeast mating type switching that Klar had published in a 1987 paper. As Klar explained in a New York Times article by Gina Kolata published earlier this month, the yeast studies Eugenides detailed in the novel did indeed describe his research at the Cold Spring Harbor Lab (CSHL) at least 20 years earlier. Although not contacted by Eugenides prior to the book’s publication, Klar’s research paper is acknowledged in the novel’s preface. Klar, who is taking his new notoriety from the New York Times article in stride, notes that a Perspectives article on his early research can be found in a 2010 GENETICS issue. Another of the characters in Eugenides book is loosely based on Nobel Laureate and GSA President (1945) Barbara McClintock (1902-1992), who had also worked at CHSL.

Other Meetings of Interest

An Invertebrate Neurobiology conference will be held June 18-22, 2012 on the Cold Spring Harbor Asian campus in Suzhou, China.  The deadline for registration and abstract submission: April 6, 2012

GSA members Scott Keeney (HHMI/Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center) and Virginia A. Zakian (Princeton) along with Frank Uhlmann (Cancer Research, UK) are co-organizing the biennial 2012 FASEB Yeast Chromosome Structure, Replication and Segregation meeting, July 15-22, 2012 in Steamboat Springs, CO and invite their GSA colleagues to join them at this meetingAdvance registration deadline: June 1, 2012.




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